The 4th ICBMSS (International Conference on Innovation in Global Business, Marketing, Social Sciences & Economics) will focus on the theme "Challenges of data privacy in the digital age." In this rapidly changing digital era, we not only enjoy the convenience brought by data technologies but also must confront the data privacy issues that arise from them. The conference aims to delve into these challenges, analyze their complexities, and seek common solutions. We will explore the balance between big data analysis and privacy rights, the impact of AI technological development on individual privacy, and the risks associated with third-party data sharing. Additionally, discussions will cover how to address the inconsistencies in regulations across different regions and best practices for risk assessment in the data processing process. Biometric identification technology, cyber attacks, and the influence of social media will be thoroughly examined during the conference. For any questions and inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us by email :

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 Special Session: Challenges of Data Privacy in the Digital Age

Big Data Analysis●Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Privacy●Third-Party Data Sharing●Digital Regulations●Data Privacy●Biometric Identification Technology●Cyber Attacks and Data Leaks●Privacy Education and Awareness●Machine Learning●AI Learning●AI Usage●Cross-Border Data Transfer●Personal Information Protection

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