(Last updated: 2014-06-14)


The text presented on this page includes all necessary information about the preservation of all personal information of the Visitors/Anonymous Contributors/Users gathered by index.conferencesites.eu, from now on referred to as the Directory. In addition this text is going to inform you on the actions taken by the Directory in order to protect these data. For the definition of the three types of users please do refer to the “Terms & Conditions” section.


The Directory gathers some personal data during the registration of a new User. The data required during this process are the E-mail address, the First and Last name and the Honorific. Optionally the User can also supply an Occupation. These data are gathered so that the Directory will be able to communicate for resolving technical or other issues with a specific User or inform them for new or other services currently available via their subscription.

These data are never disclosed to any third parties, they are not published and are not going to be used for profit. These data are only going to be published or made available in cases where the members have given their consent or it is required by law or some government authority.


The Directory grants its Users the right to delete their personal data if they no longer make use of the services provided by the Directory. This process will be completed by submitting a request to index@conferencesites.eu which will declare their intention to delete the account. The Directory retains the right to cross-reference the validity of the request by requesting more details from the User via the e-mail associated with the User. In case of a successful deletion the Entries submitted by the User will be Anonymised but the User will not be able to request the deletion of the Entries. Users retain the right to change/correct the information stored in our system, process that can be completed via the interface of a registered User.


The Directory uses cookies. For more information about the use of cookies on this website please visit the “Use of Cookies” section. It is also possible that the Directory gathers non personal information like IP addresses, browser used by the Visitor/Anonymous Contributor/User, operating system etc. and may use them to produce statistics or improve the services provided. These information may be made available to a third party in case it is required by law or another government authority.


The Directory retains the right to change the settings described on this page. Any change in the terms about personal data will be made available via the present page.