This conference, nestled in the historic and verdant city of Vienna, serves as a fertile ground for sowing the seeds of change and nurturing the growth of Green Sciences in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030. We have convened a symposium that aims not only to address the pressing environmental challenges of our time but also to foster a green transformation in our way of living. Our focus encompasses a spectrum of critical areas: from the conservation of biodiversity to the innovative reduction of CO2 emissions, from sustainable urban living to the development of renewable energy sources. These pillars of Green Science are essential in steering our planet towards a more sustainable and resilient future. The International Scientific GeoConference SGEM Vienna Green 2024 will be held at one of the most historical palace buildings in Vienna - Schönbrunn Palace. Join us at the SWS International Scientific Conference on Green Sciences for Green Life 2024. Be part of this essential dialogue, and help us shape a sustainable legacy that will resonate for generations to come. Your voice, your research, and your commitment to Green Sciences are the keys to unlocking a sustainable future, following the noble goals set forth by Agenda 2030. Let's transform these goals from aspirations into tangible realities for a thriving planet.

Call For Papers

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