Topic: AI's Impact on Global Prosperity: Shaping the World Economy As AI technologies continue to advance, their effects on various sectors of the global economy become increasingly evident by revolutionizing the way businesses operate, make decisions, and interact with customers. Global Business Conference 2024 aims to explore the multifaceted impact of AI on economic growth, industry dynamics, labor markets, policy, and international trade. We seek to foster a deeper understanding of AI's role in shaping the world economy and its implications for businesses, governments, and society. We invite contributions that can propose new business paradigms from multiple perspectives and multiple contexts – for doing business in a sustainable and technologically influenced way. We have arranged SPECIAL ISSUES OF TWO WOS AND SCOPUS JOURNALS. Conference fee includes conference trip, conference dinner, Dubrovnik city tour and welcome drink among others. The conference welcomes both theoretical and empirical contributions that discuss important issues in their field and how these issues relate to business challenges in the global economy. We look toward opening up discussions of new ideas that are likely to shape future business and academic landscapes.

Call For Papers

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