The International Symposium on Engineering and Technology Innovation Conference, under the theme "Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning," emerges as a pivotal nexus for researchers, engineers, and innovators navigating the cutting-edge landscapes of technology and intelligent systems. In an era defined by the pervasive influence of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this symposium serves as a dynamic arena for exploration and collaboration. The symposium is uniquely positioned to delve into the latest breakthroughs, challenges, and transformative applications, fostering a collective understanding of how the convergence of engineering and technology innovation is propelling the frontiers of AI and machine learning to unprecedented heights. Within this symposium, participants will engage in a vibrant exchange of ideas, unveiling the potential of AI and machine learning across diverse domains. From ethical considerations and healthcare innovations to the integration of AI in smart cities and Industry 4.0, the symposium encapsulates the profound impact of intelligent systems. As we navigate this technological landscape, the symposium not only seeks to unravel the complexities of AI but also aims to chart a collaborative course that shapes the future of engineering and technology innovation in a world increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence.

Call For Papers

Special Session: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

●Big Data Analysis●Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Privacy●Third-Party Data Sharing●Digital Regulations●Data Privacy●Biometric Identification Technology●Cyber Attacks and Data Leaks●Privacy Education and Awareness●Machine Learning●AI Learning●AI Usage●Social Media●Cross-Border Data Transfer●Personal Information Protection●Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Engineering and Technology

●Acoustical Engineering●Aerospace Engineering●Automotive Engineering●Biomedical Engineering●Chemical Engineering●Civil Engineering●Electrical Engineering●Environmental Engineering●Industrial Engineering●Mechanical Engineering●Nuclear Engineering●Structural Engineering●Systems Engineering●Transportation Engineering

Computer Science and Information Technology

●Artificial Intelligence●Bioinformatics●Computer Engineering●Computer Networks●Data Science●Machine Learning●Robotics●Software Engineering●Telecommunication Engineering

Life Sciences and Biotechnology

●Biochemical Engineering●Bioenergy●Biomechanics●Biomaterials●Biotechnology Engineering●Genetic Engineering●Nanotechnology

Environmental and Sustainable Technologies

●Air Quality Engineering●Ecological Engineering●Environmental Impact Assessment●Renewable Energy●Sustainable Urban Development●Water and Wastewater Treatment●Wind Energy

Innovation and Emerging Technologies

●3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing●Artificial Intelligence●Blockchain Technology●Cloud Computing●Internet of Things (IoT)●Quantum Computing●Robotics●Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)●Wearable Technol