We would like to extend a warm invitation for you to participate in the upcoming 8th Edition of the Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology (GPMB 2023), organized by Magnus Group. The Plant Biology Congress 2023 will be held both on-site and virtually, providing attendees with the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of participation. This Botany Events will take place from September 11-13, 2023, in Valencia, Spain. The conference will revolve around the theme of "Creating a Sustainable Vision with Progress in Plant Science."

Call For Papers

The GPMB 2023 aims to bring together experts from different disciplines and amalgamate new ideas and recent innovations in the field of Plant Science and Molecular Biology. The Plant Biology Conferencewill gather plant biologists from across the world to deliver inspiring talks and share their latest research findings. The Plant Conferences  aims to showcase cutting-edge modern technology and solutions that are helping to create one of the most vital industries for the future of global protein. The primary objective of this prestigious Plant Events is to provide an incredible platform for all levels of dignitaries to showcase their significant contributions to the scientific community.

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Phone: +1 (702) 988-2320

WhatsApp: +1 779-429-2143

Dates:September 11- 13, 2023

Venue:Olympia Hotel, Events & Spa Carrer Mestre Serrano, 5, 46120 Alboraia,

 Valencia, Spain


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