BioLeagues Worldwide organizes the “8th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug manufacturing” on 17th & 18th April 2021, at Bangkok, Thailand. This conference is a multidisciplinary program with broad participation with members from around the globe focused on learning about pharmaceutical science, research methodologies, formulations, manufacturing and its advances. We invite all the Speakers and Delegates from all over the world to attend this conference. It creates a perfect podium for global networking as it brings together renowned speakers and scientists across the globe to the most exciting and memorable scientific event filled with informative and interactive sessions, international workshops, world class international exhibitions and poster presentations.

Call For Papers

Track 1-COVID-19 Drug Development

Track 2-Pharmacogenetics

Track 3-Precision Medicine

Track 4- Pharmaceutical Formulations

Track 5-Drug Targeting and Drug Development

Track 6-Drug Design and Development

Track 7-Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care

Track 8-Drug Delivery Technologies

Track 9-Challenges in Pharmaceutical Research

Track 10-Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Track 11-Drug Discovery and Screening

Track 12-Drug Delivery Affairs

Track 13-Biomaterials in Drug Delivery