Since scientific conferences provide a suitable platform for the publication and presentation of scientific achievements and allow for the possibility of critique and review of these findings in the scientific community. In order to achieve such goals in recognition of Art, Architecture and Applications, we decided to hold series of “International Conference on Architecture, Arts and Applications (ICONFAAA)” in pursuit of the following goals in the 10 year perspective. In this regard, the think tank of the Permanent Secretariat of the ICONFAAA was initiation with a series of professors, and elite and thoughtful young in around the world with supervision of Dr. Mostafa Alibeigi and the hard effort of the selected intellectual young people. The 4th International Conference on Architecture, Arts and Applications with its main approach to Vernacular and Curtural by the supervision of Bharath University, MPRH Institute and Russian Academy of Arts

Call For Papers

Conference Aims


Promotion, transfer and development of native and modern technologies in the fields of art and architecture

Participation and cooperation of universities and international organizations

Increasing knowledge and scientific ability to understand the sustainable values associated with the conferences

The wisdom and theoretical foundations of art and architecture

The creation of knowledge, the creation of a suitable platform for presenting the latest scientific and research findings related to the topics of the conference

Providing Applied Practices in the Efficiency of Art and Architecture in Developing Countries and Submitting Reports to Related References

Organize, develop and deepen research related to art, technology and architecture of participating countries

Providing innovative and effective ways of delivering the realization of a committed art pattern And the architecture of participating countries

And educational and research programs and workshops on art, technology and architecture based on the combination of education and research and skills which are the main characteristics of the model of the science and technology system and innovation in the comprehensive scientific map of the country.In order to achieve the goals set.




  • Arts and Urban Culture
  • Art and Modernity
  • Iranian-Islamic Art
  • Conception of Space in Visual Arts
  • Architecture and Landscape in Visual Arts


Architecture and Urbanism

  • Architecture, Design and Urban Planning
  • Sustainability and Architecture
  • Iranian-Islamic Architecture
  • Semiotic of space in Architecture


New Technologies in Art and Arhitecture


 New Researhing in Industrial Design 

  • Industrial Design Methodology
  • New technologies in Design
  • Ergonomics & safe product design
  • Aesthetics in Industrial Design
  • Industrial Design and Sustainability
  • The role of Industrial Design in Economics and Marketing
  • Service Design and Industrial Design 


Art and Architecture Applications in other Sciences

  • Environmental Psychology and Ecology
  • Mathematics, Art and Architecture
  • Sociology, Art and Architecture
  • History, Art and Architecture
  • Art, Architecture and Semiotic of Cultural Landscape
  • Art, Architecture and the Problems of Heterotopy