Intelligent data communication technologies have recently emerged as a substitute for standard data-processing applications in circumstances where traditional approaches are incapable of dealing with large, complicated, and new forms of data. Traditional Big Data techniques and platforms are providing insufficient response with a lack of scalability, fault-tolerance, performance, and accuracy. Developing new architecture, framework, security and advanced programming models for performing data analysis will assist in properly handling the massive and new data categories. This 4th International Conference on Innovative Data Communication Technologies and Application (ICIDCA 2022) organized by RVS College of Engineering and Technology during 3-4, November 2022 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India intends to present the most recent research achievements and developments in the intelligent data communication, and analytics. We welcome research contributions on both theoretical studies and state-of-the-art real-time applications. The main emphasis of 4th ICIDCA 2022 will be on multidisciplinary research aspects spanning across the areas of big data, artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning for big data, computational intelligence applications, optimization techniques and real-time data visualization techniques.

Call For Papers


  • Big Data collection in Communication Networks
  • Big Data for Network Service Intelligence
  • Adaptive Techniques for Increased Network Performance
  • Big Data and Network Security
  • Distributed Data Analytics
  • Big Data Search Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
  • Mobile and Data Communication Systems
  • Visualization Analytics for Big Data
  • Mobility and Big Data
  • Multimedia and Multi-structured Data
  • Data Mining and Data Pre-processing
  • Optimization and Big Data
  • Mobile and Data Communication Systems
  • Stream data mining
  • Data Analysis and Decision Making
  • Real-world and large-scale practices of big data


  • Computational Models for Big Data
  • Advanced Big Data Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Knowledge Extraction, Discovery, and Analysis
  • Big Data as a Service and Application
  • Big Data and Machine Learning Applications
  • Large-Scale Recommendation Systems
  • Security and Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics
  • Social Data Mining and Analytics
  • Cloud/Grid/Stream Data Mining
  • Blockchain data management
  • Sustainable big data computing platforms
  • Computation in memory/storage/network
  • High Performance/Parallel Computing for Big Data
  • Multi-level Data Processing
  • Intelligent Data Management