The current advances in technologies require sustainable networking and computing models to meet the growing demand of emerging indispensable ICT applications such as smart cities, entertainment, business, healthcare etc. On the other hand, data intelligence and communication plays a critical role in sustainable computing, especially the size of the data is beyond the ability of commonly used computing platforms for capturing, managing, and processing the data. Recent breakthroughs in data mining, data modelling, data processing, and artificial intelligence are seeking applications in energy networks to build a more sustainable environment. As the opportunities and challenges co-exist in both the fields, this International Conference of Sustainable Computing and Data Communication Systems [ICSCDS 2022] provides a platform to initiate research discussions in all the aspects including theoretical studies, real-time applications, and experimental prototypes. Moreover, ICSCDS 2022 focuses on the intelligent data processing, analysis, and understanding that support sustainable environments.

Call For Papers

Data Communication Systems

  • Big Data Mining and Analysis
  • Large-Scale Data Computing Models
  • Secured Big Data Processing for Sustainability
  • Green Data Centers and Computing
  • Big Data and Information Security
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Data as a Service
  • Data Sharing and Infrastructure
  • Information-Centric Networking
  • Internet Technologies
  • Data Measurement, Analysis, Modeling and Visualization

Sustainable Computing and Communication Systems

  • Sustainable Communication Networks
  • Efficient Power-Aware Architectures and Models
  • Renewable and Configurable Architectures
  • IoT and sustainable computing
  • Efficient Resource Allocation and Scheduling
  • Sustainable Models and Architectures for Smart Grids
  • Novel Optimization Techniques
  • Sustainable High-Performance Systems
  • Complex Systems: Modelling and Simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Sustainable Mobile Computing and Communication Frameworks
  • QoS consideration for sustainable computing