The widespread use of mobile and wireless technologies have opened up the door for innovative computing and communication technologies that can augment the awareness of the smart and digital technologies in many different ways. Furthermore, the advent of more compact and affordable communication techniques are finding their way in our day-to-day usage application areas like mobile networks, business intelligence, smart home, remote monitoring, wearable technologies and so on. The development of new architectures, standards, and technologies are making the computing and communication technologies as much advanced as possible. ICCMC 2022 provides a research platform to initiate a deep investigation of the emerging technological advancements in the design, development, and implementation by describing them in both theoretical and practical aspects.

Call For Papers

Cloud Based CommunicationCloud-Based Multimedia Content Sharing NetworkAdvanced Network Architecture Design for Cloud-Based Multimedia DeliveryCooperative Schemes for Cloud-Based Multimedia CommunicationsResource Management and Qos/Qoe Provisioning for Media CloudData Security, Privacy and Reliability for Media CloudTransmission Standardization Activities Related to Media CloudComputing in HealthcareNetwork Infrastructures, Architectures, and Protocols for E-HealthPervasive Healthcare SystemsBig Data in HealthcareParallel and Distributed Systems in HealthcareData Mining in HealthcareIntelligent Computing Systems and their ApplicationsArtificial Neural NetworksFuzzy Systems, Genetic AlgorithmsMachine Learning and Data SystemsIntelligent Computing System ArchitecturesIntelligent System Natural Language ProcessingSoft Computing ApproachNetwork Approaches to Big Data ScienceBio-Inspired Intelligent ComputingData Communication and Computer NetworkingCryptography and NetworksHigh Speed NetworksMobile ComputingMobile Networks & Wireless LANOptical NetworkingNetwork Based ApplicationsNext Generation WebWireless NetworksVLSI Design and AutomationCommunication CircuitsDevice/Circuit SimulationDigital Circuits and ASICElectronic System Level DesignEmbedded Systems & VLSILow Power CMOS DesignLogic Synthesis and Physical DesignMEMS and Sensors DesignRF, Analog & Mixed-Signal Circuits