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Call For Papers


◆Market Economy Analysis and Marketing Straegy

◆Empirical Strategy Research

◆Enterprise Development and Countermeasure Strategy

◆The Influence of Consumers' choice on Market ◆Development

◆Investment and Risk Management

◆Research on Enterprise Development Strategy under Market Economy

◆Mode Optimization and Comparative Study

◆Research on Legal Issues

◆Technological Innovation under The New Situation

2). Blockchain:

◆Blockchain Security Technology

◆Consensus Algorithm and Optimal Balance

◆Bitcoin and Digital Currency

◆Stock Right Registration and Securities Trading

◆Government Affairs and Finance of Blockchain

◆Blockchain Type and Infrastructure

◆Smart Contract

◆Scalability and Cross-chain Technology

◆Research and Application Direction of Energy Blockchain


3). Forecasting Model and Market Economy Development

◆Forecasting Method and Combined Forecasting Model

◆Research on Factors Affecting Market Economy

◆Establish a Model to Predict The Future Development of The Market

◆Least Squares Support Vector Machine

◆Mathematical Model and Regression Analysis

◆Principal Component Analysis

◆Other Topics Related to Markets、Blockchain Field and Forecasting Models