Welcome to the 7th World Virtual Conference on Women’s Studies (WCWS 2021) hosted by the Asian-African Association for Women, Gender, and Sexuality (AAAWGS). Women’s Studies as an interdisciplinary field is undergirded by bodies of feminist thought, which in turn have shaped many academic disciplines and policy initiatives as we strive for gender and sexual equality in homes, in the workplace, and in government. The WCWS 2021 takes up the challenge to understand our differences and to work across them, listening and learning from one another, discussing, debating, and moving towwhich ard the goals of equality, equity, and sustainability on this planet that we inhabit together. We hope the WCWS 2021 unites diverse researches and case studies from all over the world, in parallel sessions while offering many networking and publishing opportunities.

Call For Papers

Conference Trackes

01.Gender Equality and Educational Systems

02.Toxic Masculinity

03.Resocialization of Men

04.Socialization of boys

05.Legal remedies

06. Implementing law 

07. Law and accountability

08. Inheritance rights

09. Gender and Sexual Diversity

10.Women’s Human rights

11. Women, Climate Change and Inequality

12. Women Empowerment and Social Change

13. Challenging Male Dominance

14. Consciousness-raising

15. Men as allies in the struggle

16. Women, Media and Technology

17. Transgender Rights and Sexual Diversity

18. Women’s Success Stories

19. Cyber Feminisms—Blogs, Zines, and Reproductive Rights

20. Activist Art

21. Feminism and decolonial praxis

22.Women’s Spirituality and Religion

23. Trafficking and Prostitution

24. Women in Politics and Public Administration

25. Women and Religion

26. Women and Islamic Sharia

27. Motherhood and Work-Life Balance

28. Equity and equality

29. Laws and Policies

30. Gendered and Sexual Diversities

31. Gendering the Covid-19 Pandemic

32. Gender and Intersectionality

33. Feminist pedagogy and writing

34. Gender and Migration

35. Climate crisis and Environmental activism

36. Women’s vulnerabilities

37. Popular and Folk cultures

38. Feminism and Nationalism

Call for papers: