Magnus Group is privileged to invite you to participate in PHARMA VIRTUAL 2020 with the theme: “To Foster the Strategies of Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems” scheduled on September 21-22, 2020. It is designed to serve as a virtual online platform for the speakers to showcase their highly insightful research work, knowledge from the field of Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery to the audience and participants. In this peak time of struggle, our aim is to bring global scientists/researchers to one platform to share updated information regarding the pharmaceutical sciences. Includes lectures and Talks by eminent personalities from around the world in addition to contributed papers. Upcoming Pharma Webinars | Pharma Virtual 2020 | Pharmaceutical Webinars | Pharmaceutical Webinars 2020 | Drug Delivery Webinars | Pharma Online Meetings | Pharma Digitial Event | Online Pharmaceutical Conference | Online Pharma Conferences | Drug Delivery Webinars 2020 | Drug Delivery Online Meetings For Scientific Sessions PS: For Abstract submission PS: For Registration PS: Conference Venue: Online Dates: August 20-21, 2020 For more details visit: Contact email: Contact Phone: + 1(702) 988 2320 WhatsApp: +1 434 381 1007

Call For Papers

 Seocnd Round of Abstract Submission Closes on August 30, 2020