RISC consider academic excellence as our strategic pillar embraced by the principles of European education system to deliver quality education. All our speakers act as mentors who will support the students and teachers to identify values of education and maps out their educational journey through knowledge and values which helps for a successful lives and living generations.It is meant for the students, teachers, principal, managers, property owners. The website is Rome International School Conference 2019 is organizing an International Exhibition for Schools along with the RISC 2019.The exhibition focuses on bringing learning opportunity of science to students attending the conference from different countries. RISC Science Exhibition will emerge as a unique platform for students to celebrate the achievements in the field of science and technology for the development of the mankind. Students/Schools participating and Non Participating in the RISC 2019 can participate through direct registration.Schools need to register through a common portal of RISC 2019 Science Exhibition.Registration is based on the following categories.Winning Schools will receive trophy along with the prize money and students will receive individual certificates along with the prize money. All the Participants will receive a participation certificate of the science exhibition.

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